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Kustom Series 28: Panther - Wildflower
Kustom Series 28: Panther - Wildflower
Kustom Series 28: Panther - Wildflower

Kustom Series 28: Panther - Wildflower

  • Purple Burst Stain Gloss
  • Black Hardware 
  • Mahogany Carved Top Body
  • + Flame Maple Veneer 
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Black Walnut Fretboard 
  • HLK signature inlay on 12th fret
  • Pearloid Inlays
  • Cream Binding
  • Scale: 24.75” (629mm)
  • Width at nut: 1.65” (42mm)
  • Body Thickness: 1.34” (34mm)
  • Fretboard Radius: 13"
  • Neck: Modern "C"
  • 22 medium-jumbo frets
  • Two way adjustable truss rod
  •  Synthetic Nut
  • HLK Pro Die Cast Tuners
  • Tune-o-matic bridge
  • Stop tailpiece
  • Metal Dome Knobs
  • Electronics: 1 volume - 1 tone + 3 way switch
  • HLK Pro high output ceramic pickups 
  • Neck Pickup: Moderate + Bridge: Hot
  • Weight: 8 lbs.


“I just received my series 27 Panther I pre ordered a couple of months ago. 
I've had my eye on HLK for a couple of years now, but just couldn't believe anything that inexpensive ($350+) could be worth owning. I have to admit I was completely wrong.
I'll start with their 5 star set up. Completely worth the money. I do all my own guitar work and I'm very picky. The frets were flawless, and the action is amazing. The body looks great, paint job is quality. The hardware is quality as well. The modern C neck is so thin and a dream to play. 
On to the most important part. I'm a serious pick up snob. Not by brand or looks, but by quality of sound. Honestly I fully expected I would be swapping out the pick ups in the Pather almost immediately. But... Much to my surprise, these pick ups are as perfect as they come, for me anyway. I tuned right into drop D, turned on my Marshall tube amp on clean setting and I am very impressed. Beautifully warm and very articulate. Then comes the moment of truth, went to my pedal board and selected my Amptweeker tight metal Jr on the Thrash setting and Holy Wow!! Heavy monster brutal tone, but at the same time crisp, tight, and aggressive with no muddy tones out of the neck pick up.  
This will be the first guitar I've paid less than $650 for that I won't be changing out the pick ups.  
I own over 30.+ guitars from all the big brand names and I would put the HLK Panther up against most as a comparable guitar, for way less money!  
This guitar has the quality of build, sound and tone, and playability of any of $800-$1000 guitars that I own.  Well done guys, and I will most definitely be a retuning customer.
Thank you.”


“Got my Panther Series 27 yesterday and I have to say I am impressed with the set-up, and finish, and it plays great! It may not be as perfect as my PRS, but it also didn't cost $4800.00.  For the total just under $600.00 delivered, their set-up fee included is spot-on, and the finish is better than the brand-new USA made Gibson SG I bought last year that I paid $1200.00 for. So, in my mind now it may not say Gibson or Fender, but for half the cost it looks and plays better in my case anyway. I'm sure I'll be buying more from these guys.
The Humbuckers sound great, I figured I may have to change the bridge one, but I was quite pleased, tried all of my amps, Berringer 50 watt (tube), and Marshal JMC100 (tube), and Line 6 (Tube state) on a 61' cabinet 4 X 12's Celestions, big sound and lots of crunch.”