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HLK Kustom Series 10 Bossman
Limited Edition 32 available + all numbered
  • Blue Gloss: body, neck, headstock + chrome hardware
  • Mahogany carved top body 
  • Mahogany set neck
  • Scale: 24.75” (629mm), Width at nut: 1.65” (42mm)
  • Body Thickness: 1.875” (47.6mm), white binding
  • Fretboard Radius: 13", Neck: Modern “C”,
  • Black Walnut fretboard with HLK signature inlay on 12th
  • 22 medium-jumbo frets, Two way adjustable truss rod, bone nut
  • Wilkinson tuners, tune-o-matic bridge, stop tailpiece, dome knobs
  • Electronics: 2 volume  2 tone 3-way switch
  • HLK Pro high output ceramic pickups. Neck: moderate, Bridge: hot
  • Ernie Ball 10–46’s (Custom Gauge Nickel Wound Strings #2221)
  • Professionally set up by our techs: fret level, dress, re-crown, immaculately hand polished frets, intonate, tune ($153 Value).

Consumer feedback on the Bossman:

“I got my Gold Bossman as a Christmas present from my parents. I think it is wonderfully constructed. It is not a bolt on neck. It feels solid throughout. The string action is probably the best I’ve ever had on any guitar. I’ve never had a guitar like this before as I have been a fan of strat style guitars. This guitar is probably the best quality electric that I have ever played. I am so thankful and happy about the quality. If you have played guitar as long as I have or reasonably long anyway- I highly recommend this guitar company. I wish they made amps too, because now I need a decent quality amp! I really, really don’t think that you will find a better guitar for the money. No way! And I’ve played all the BIG brands.” STEVEN ARCHLY II 12-14-17

"I got my Bossman!!!! I have to say, I have never bought a guitar without holding it first and this was a bit of a step outside my comfort zone but THIS GUITAR RIPS!!! If anyone out there is hesitant to purchase one of these because of the price, I can tell you, these guitars are the real deal! I really love the top on this guitar, the frets are nicely dressed, the action is spot on and the pickups are nice and hot, cleans up well with a roll back on the volume, it’s nicely balanced when it hangs on a strap and has tons of sustain! I’m super happy with my purchase and already have referred tons of people to check you guys out! I can't wait to play this baby on stage at our next show and I will be using it in the studio for our next album great guitar! 
 I cant thank you guys enough!"

Multi Platinum & Grammy winning Recording Engineer Barry Rudolph along with professional guitar player Oliver Leiber reviewed the Bossman for Music Connection Magazine. After Oliver played it, Barry asked him to guess how much the Bossman sells for, Oliver replied "It’s got to be somewhere just under $1,000." 

"I got my Bossman 3 days ago and I haven’t been able to put it down. If you’re trying to decide on buying this product I can honestly tell you it’s worth every nickel. I’ve been playing for over 30 years and I have owned and played pretty much everything out there and this guitar is better than a lot of others that I paid much, much more for. Obviously buying anything online sight unseen is risky but these guitars are as well crafted, play and sound as good, or better than any overpriced item in the stores. I’ll definitely be buying another one soon, seeing as they’re affordable and all. Thank you HLK guys!!!" SCOTT MCHUGH

“Got my Bossman and Southern Belle a few weeks ago, and I haven’t put them down. Now I own a total of 19 guitars and basses and these two beasts stand up next to every one of them. I have to say the quality and attention to detail that HardLuck Kings puts into their instruments is at the top of the game. The matte finishes are beautiful, the necks are just right, the frets are probably the best I’ve ever seen or felt on any guitar I’ve ever played. Hot pickups on the Bossman that clean up nice when you roll the volume back. The Southern Belle has the twang and bite you would expect from a guitar that costs three times as much. I’m proud to say I’m an official 2 time Rat Bastard now. Can’t wait to get these out on a stage. Used both in the studio just last week also.” MYKE SHUBERG